Lasting Inspiration : A Recap of the engage!12 Luxury Wedding Summit

Back from engage!12 the one and only luxury wedding business summit.  This year’s engage took place at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Las Vegas, the American city of lights and dazzle.  The color theme was gold and blue, the swag bags, the gifts, the presentation, and the speakers was like no other event.  The event founders, Rebecca Grinnals and Kathryn Arce of Engaging  Concepts, are known for “wowing” their guests, and by no means they did not disappoint.

There are not enough words to describe the engage experience. All I know is that it has been life changing for me. I can’t begin to tell you what Rebecca and Kathryn mean to me, and what they have done for so many people in the wedding industry.  I call them the Oprah and Gayle starmakers of the luxury wedding industry – they make things happen!  Each time I attend an engage! conference, no matter where it is, I walk away with new knowledge as well as new relationships.

{Sade Awe engaging at the Pool Party with Walt Shepard of Inside Weddings and Jasmine Star}

The summit showcased some fabulous speakers including new comers who spoke from the soul, and heart sharing with all how they got to where they are. Elizabeth Messina – love her passion/kindness/generous heart, Sharon Sacks – love her delivery/words/persona, Emily Snyder, Maria Cooke, Angela Desveaux – love her story/truth/spirit, Jes Gordon – love everything about her!, Peter Callahan – love his food!, Anne Fulenwider – love her sophistication, Brian Worley – love his honesty.  The remainder of the speakers were returning favorites; Mindy Weiss, Sean Low, Cindy Novotny, Marcy Blum, Jill Meister, Susan Moynihan, Carley Roney, Ed Libby, Jasmine Star,Tara Guerard, Harmony Walton, Christy Weber, Siri Eklund and Abby Larson who always deliver and never disappoint!

Thank you to the dynamic team behind Rebecca and Kathryn for this years engage – Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas, Two Paper Dolls, West Coast Music, Edgar of Revelry Event Design, Gifts for The Good Life, I Do Films, Bob Gail Special Events, Kristy Rice of Momental Designs, Ready Luck, Elan Artist, Don and Barbara Miller, Cindy of Tulla Belles and Ron Folak, Rochelle LaMontagne, Shawn Leech and Trisha Hay.

I hope to see all my wedding professional friends in December at the next engage!12 being held at The Breakers in Palm Beach, Florida.