Have Your Cake and Eat It Too with Cake Opera Co.

Toronto’s Cake Opera Co. is a thrilling spectacle of cake and confection that offers deliciously whimsical cakes with names like Musetta, Madame Butterly, Carmen, Cherubino and Queen of the Night. Its artful collection of wedding cakes is designed based on the wedding story itself and features decorative embellishments such as 24-carat gold, marzipan, sculpted chocolate and hand-painted flowers. Owners, artist Alexandria Pellegrino and pastry chef Jessica Smith, both graduates of Cordon Bleu, deserve every ovation they receive from their devoted cake drama-loving audience. Designing and creating these exquisite cakes is clearly the perfect marriage of their passion for the fine and culinary arts, as told through the medium of cake design.

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We love the story of how this artful duo came up with their company name. Inspired by the definition of “opera,” which is the Italian word for “life work” and theatrical in scope, as well as “cake,” which denotes a sense of warmth and comfort. Together, they conjure up a beautiful synthesis of drama that is both enchanting and approachable.

Cake Opera Co. | 5ive15ifteen photo company

Cake Opera Co. | 5ive15ifteen photo company

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Cake Opera Co. | 5ive15ifteen photo company

Cake Opera’s approach to designing wedding cakes is to find inspiration from the bridal couple, whether from their interests, dreams, travels or from their wedding design itself. No matter what, Cake Opera’s work is always artfully composed, boldly original and filled with imagination. Not to mention, at times vibrantly colorful, textured and intricate in how it layers the fantasy.

Cake Opera Co. | 5ive15ifteen photo company 

For more information about Cake Opera Co. we invite you to visit their cake studio in Toronto to be charmed in person, or, simply venture over to their website. If you’re not from Canada, not to worry, these lovely artists can bring their whimsical cakes to you anywhere in the world!

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