GroomStyle: There’s Nothing Like a Bespoke Suit or Tuxedo

For well over two hundred years, the tradition of bespoke apparel for men has signified the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle. Similar to a bride’s love for her wedding gown, a groom being fitted for a well-made, personalized garment that’s made exclusively for him from the finest fabrics in the world is a transformative experience. And, quite simply, a lovely little luxury that every groom should consider for his wedding day suit or tuxedo. However, take this as fair warning, once you embark on a bespoke lifestyle, it’s quite likely you’ll become addicted.

The word “bespoke,” which has historically referred to custom tailoring of men’s suiting, has gotten a tad watered down as other industries apply it to their own merchandise. To be fair, the word does technically mean “custom-made” or “tailored” which could certainly reflect other applications. However, in our world, it will always mean the impeccable, stylish, and perfectly fit suiting that gentlemen from all over the world have loved since the concept gained notariety in 18th Century London. Specifically, on London’s  famed Savile Row.

Ozwald Boateng | Savile Row

Considered the ultimate in high end suiting, the ability to label a suit as bespoke “Savile Row” goes beyond custom measuring a suit. According to the Savile Row Bespoke Association, whose aim is to protect and promote the bespoke tradition, and whose members include such esteemed gentlemen’s tailors as Henry Poole & Co. (1806), Gieves & Hawkes (1771) and Norton & Sons (1821) amongst others like contemporary bespoke designers Ozwald Boateng and Richard James.

Richard James | Savile Row

Although there are self-proclaimed bespoke tailors located around the world, like William Fioravanti and Lord Willy’s in New York, or Caraceni in Milan, London’s Savile Row is still the well-established home of bespoke tailoring. Yet, the Savile Row houses have long seen the writing on the global wall. Most of the remaining tailors have opened additional shops around the world or make regular visits to clients in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States to maintain their personalized and exceptional service standards.

Bottom line, dear grooms, there’s a custom-made, hand-stitched, personalized suit just waiting for you somewhere around the world. Go forth, and let your style “be spoken for.”