Getting the Pictures of a Lifetime on a Destination Wedding by Michelle Rago

The truth of the matter is the marketplace is flooded with destination photographers as well as amazing destinations. There are many options and frankly it is fairly easy for a photographer to position themselves as capable of producing the work. People often comment that I work with amazing photographers, and this is true.  But as with all aspects of good planning, a lot of time and effort goes into the end result.

Donna Newman | Michelle Rago

Site inspections are key as a planner but creating the time for a photographer to get a sense of the location in advance makes a world of difference. Any photographer that has worked with me knows I personally conduct the walk through when they arrive on property. We talk at length about not only the obvious pictures that represent the location, but also the pictures that truly call forth the spirit of the place and the mood of the celebration.

Donna Newman | Michelle Rago

Other than the wonderful party photos of your family and friends enjoying themselves, make sure to take a picture with the farmer who is supplying your vegetables or the boat captain that will ferry your guests to the island. Local people “make the place” as any photographer worth their salt would agree!



Abby Ross | Michelle Rago