For the Love of Laduree

By Sade Awe, Editor-in-Chief

It was during a visit to Paris, the City of Love, in 1998 that my romance with Ladurée began.  Once I set foot inside the iconic Parisian pastry shop, I was swept off my feet by the dainty delights set before me and the sweetly scented aroma of elegant little macarons and cakes filling the air.  Since that day, my love has grown deeper and fonder- Ladurée is absolutely one of my very favorite things!

One of the highlights of my travels around the world has been the opportunity to visit numerous Ladurée Patisseries, each a jewel in its own right.  I could not have been more excited when I first learned that Ladurée was coming stateside at last-to New York, nonetheless, the land of dreams-come-true.  A historic moment for me, indeed!  No longer would I have to jump on a transatlantic flight to snag the World’s most famous macarons, now I could simply hop a flight from Dallas to New York City and stop in at 864 Madison, amidst the bustle of some of my favorite shops lining the Avenue.

Ladurée carries an array of products that I love; especially some perfectly pretty selections for hostess gifts, bridal party favors, as well as wedding favors!  Candles, key chains, purses, pens, and numerous irresistible edible offerings including jams, caramel sauces, pastries, madeleines and the most recent addition, luxurious chocolates, are among one’s options.  What more could anyone ask for?  As for myself, I’m hopelessly devoted to their classic: macarons!

This past spring, I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Elisabeth Holder, President of Ladurée USA.  During one of our chats, Elisabeth mentioned that a new Ladurée would be opening in Miami!  I was ecstatic- another of my favorite and oft-frequented cities was to fall under Ladurée’s spell!  Perhaps Dallas might be on the radar (hint, hint, David and Elisabeth!)?  I know just the spot… The Shops at Highland Park Village…

In anticipation of the new Ladurée opening this October in Miami, I couldn’t resist catching up with Elisabeth to get a few particulars.  I knew you would be just as curious as I to hear every last sweet detail!

SADE.A: So, we’ve heard that Ladurée is looking at property in Chicago and LA.  How exciting!  Do you think that increasing the number of Ladurée locations in the United States will increase the macaron’s allure or make this coveted treat too ‘readily’ available?

ELISABETH.H: It’s our dream to incorporate Ladurée and our concept of “Art de Vivre”, (the French art of living) in the United States, one macaron at a time.

SADE.A:  When I think of Ladurée, naturally I think of unparalleled elegance.  Will Ladurée maintain its classic aesthetic and fare for the Miami location, or will you be introducing any new elements/ tastes that will be exclusive to the Miami Ladurée?

ELISABETH.H:Each Ladurée boutique is modeled after design elements of our original Paris tea room, with the intention of giving all of our customers the luxurious experience of being in a Ladurée boutique in Paris. Many of the products available in our Paris flagship will be available in our American boutiques.


SADE.A: Why did you decide to open up your next shop in Miami?

ELISABETH.H:We chose to open in Miami because it’s an incredibly chic city, full of vibrant energy, an important art scene, and inhabitants who are incredibly passionate about good food. We’ve created a special “Art Deco” Miami macaron box as an homage to the “Magic City”, for the occasion of the opening.

SADE.A:  Do you get the feeling that as Ladurée extends its domain across the globe, devoted clientele will make a point of visiting as many locations as possible?

ELISABETH.H:I’ve heard that many Ladurée fans have made our boutiques a destination whenever they visit a new city.

SADE.A:  What can Ladurée lovers expect at the two new locations?


ELISABETH.H:Our customers can expect a wide range of Ladurée products that they love: macarons of course, fine gourmet products, chocolates, and candles.

We love how Americans place so much importance on their wedding celebrations: no detail is too small in planning for a wedding, and everything is made for their guests to have a wonderful experience. We’re proud to offer a selection of wedding products for the discerning couple who wants nothing but the best for their wedding party and guests: macaron pyramids, wedding cakes, sugared almonds, and sweet favors that will surely leave a lasting impression for years to come.


SADE.A: What is the inspiration behind the new flavors? Especially the pink pepper macaron

ELISABETH.H:Our executive patisserie chefs in Paris create new flavors based on their whims and culinary trends. We unfortunately will not be carrying the Pink Pepper Macaron in the US, but you’ll hear about all our new macaron flavors on our Twitter! (@LadureeUS)


SADE.A:  I’ve heard that the Tea Salon in NYC will offer a full pastry collection, and even has a garden terrace.  How romantic!  Will Ladurée accommodate Bridal Showers and Bridal Tea Parties?

ELISABETH.H:Yes, the two salons can be privatized to host private parties such as bridal showers and tea parties.

SADE.A:  I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek of Ladurée’s Wedding Offering Catalog, and I am excited to see the exclusively bridal offerings!  When will the catalog be available for Brides to peruse?

ELISABETH.H:Brides can call our sales department at (646)-558-3171 or at, who can assist them in choosing the right favors for their big day.


SADE.A:  Will the Art Deco macaron box be available after Art Basel is over?  Can I ‘sweet-talk’ you into telling me what the flavors will be?

ELISABETH.H:The Miami Art Deco macaron box will be available from the opening, until supplies last. The boutique will carry our classic flavors, as well as limited edition flavors.


SADE.A:  Do you have any specifically bridal-inspired macarons that will be available?

ELISABETH.H:Brides have the option of choosing their favorite macaron flavors to suit their tastes and even their wedding color scheme. We also have a collection of wedding boxes that can be customized for the couple. For brides that want that extra touch of chic, or for those celebrating their Silver and Golden wedding anniversaries, we also offer custom macarons covered in gold leaf and silver leaf. (Customized orders require at least 4 months advance notice)

SADE.A:  Will brides be able to order custom cakes and favors for their special occasions at the Ladurée Tea Room in NYC?

ELISABETH.H:Yes, we will have an executive patisserie chef on staff at Ladurée SoHo, who can create cakes and pastries for all types of special occasions. For wedding cakes, our chefs will work closely with the couple to come up with a delicious and elegant wedding cake, that is true to the Ladurée spirit.