Top Tips for Choosing Your Photographer by Lisa Lefkowitz

Fine Art Photographer Lisa Lefkowitz 

Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your wedding. The one thing my husband and I pull out to look at, time and time again, is our beautiful album. Here are some of my top tips to keep in mind when you’re selecting a photographer:

Tip No. 1:  Be sure to book a photographer as soon as you have locked in your date and location. Many shooters book 6 months to a year (or more) in advance.

Tip No. 2:  Meet with no more than three photographers who have come recommended to you by your wedding planner. She or he will be able to direct you to your best options based on the style you’re looking for, as well as your budget. Once you’ve reviewed the photographers’ website and blogs, set up a meeting to visit their studios.

Tip No. 3:  If you’re not working with a planner, research photographers based on recommendations from friends, by viewing work on wedding blogs and in wedding magazines, and by asking the other vendors you are working with for their favorites.

Tip No. 4:  Once you’ve set up your photographer meetings, schedule plenty of time to see their work, and to get to know them. I like to chat with my couples for a least an hour, and to show them a variety of sample books.

Tip No. 5:  Most importantly: find work that speaks to you. It’s not about what camera the photographer uses, or even if they shoot film or digital. It’s about the images – do you love them? Can you see yourself in their photographs?

Tip No. 6:  Find a photographer who you feel comfortable around. After your fiance, your photographer will be with you the most on your wedding day. The right photographer for you is someone you enjoy being around.

Tip No. 7:  Consider your budget. Planning a wedding is all about prioritizing. What is important for you to splurge on? What areas could be trimmed? Hopefully photography is at the top of the priority list!    Fondly, Lisa

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