Find True Joy in the Present

When we get caught up in planning the “perfect” wedding, or the ideal, one-of-a-kind celebration, we also can fall into the abyss of high expectations. What that obsession for perfection can do is completely obliterate the whole reason the marriage is happening in the first place. Love, commitment, family. We encourage you to enjoy your engagement as well as your wedding day itself, experiencing each and every moment shared with family and friends as they unfold. Each one of those moments are precious indeed. See the love, feel the laughter, be present.

Perhaps poet M. Jolynn Rawson-Hunt can inspire you as much as she has us…

True Joy
I’ll be happy once I’ve done this certain thing.
We all say this often not realizing what it brings.
We look only to the future for our happiness.
Letting life slip through our fingers in its fullness.
Will we really feel complete when the task is done,
or look back and see how we missed so much fun?
Self consumed so we can’t see anything else,
hurting those we love as well as ourselves.
So many things around us to be grateful for,
when seeking for an answer willingly open the door.
So often, others see what’s in front of our face,
but we’re too blind to look as we’re snared in the race.
What is this life supposed to be about?
Is it money, fortune, fame, or a big house?
When speaking to a man on his dying bed,
none of these answers are what he said.
Family, love, laughter are what we should seek.
These are the precious things right outside your door.

~ M. Jolynn Rawson-Hunt

{joyful photograph provided by Creative Partner Roey Yohai}