Our Sunday Kind of Love Means Enjoying the Simple Joys of Being Together

It’s another Sunday Kind of Love… We truly believe that everyone is hardwired to get enjoyment out of the simple things. Our ancestors for thousands of years would have gained pleasure from the little sweet things in life that we may pass by or take for granted on our quest for wedding perfection. But it makes sense that these little lovely things would be coded into our brains to enjoy. So, let’s get out of our own way and remember to find joy in things like:

  • The smell of roses as we brush past them in the garden
  • Going for a walk at dawn when the world is fresh and full of possibilities
  • The taste of fresh, seasonal fruit in the morning
  • Walking barefoot in the grass in the backyard
  • Digging our toes into the sand at the beach
  • Taking a long, slow walk in the rain together, hand in hand, who cares if you get wet?
  • Enjoying a quiet cup of tea in a comfortable cha
  • Spending time with family at a casual family lunch
  • Meeting friends for Sunday brunch
  • Sitting on a bench and watching the world go by
  • Hopping in the car for an impromptu Sunday drive in the country
  • Climbing back into bed for the rest of the afternoon

All of these items mean leaving your beloved mobiles and iPads to charge by themselves, while you enjoy each other on a Sunday afternoon. Sometimes we need to be reminded to take a step back, unplug and open our mind to those around us and the beauty of nature. What are the simple things that revitalize you as an individual or as a couple?