Dressed to Thrill: The Glamor of Garters

This month’s Bridal Circle Buzz, devoted entirely to romance, wouldn’t be complete without throwing in at least one sexy little detail- like a couture, expertly crafted garter!

La Gartier, founded in 2009 by Sarah Dobson, was meant to fulfill a niche that she saw was seriously lacking in the wedding industry.  With bespoke invitation design, couture gowns, handcrafted menus and even personalized jewelry design, Sarah felt that one of the most intimate aspects of the bride’s apparel should certainly not be the most impersonal detail of her special day.  Thus, the development of La Gartier, specializing in the art of glamorous and elegant garters, as unique and unmatched as each bride herself.  Sarah utilizes family heirlooms, fabrics and jewels that have special meaning for the bride, or conjures new, priceless memories for the family with her bespoke creations.

Sarah Dobson

To whet your appetite for these dainty, luxe details, we’ve enlisted the lovely Gail O’Neill, Atlanta-based model and journalist, to help us navigate the intricacies of Sarah’s bespoke atelier, devoted entirely to that all-important – yet sadly neglected! – beguiling little accessory: the garter.

Check out a few of the decadent designs Gail found most noteworthy, below!

The Amber Palace Garter

Inspired by the Amber Room in St. Petersburg, Russia, this garter is crafted of a fine alencon lace and light ivory.  The double-faced satin has a beautiful ribbon underlay. At the center of the garter is a fine white, double-faced satin ribbon bow. Hanging just beneath the bow is an amber, square-cut gem.  A beautiful garter selection for a bride whose birthstone is topaz, or for a bride who plans to tie the knot in November! Price: $275.00

The Aurora Garter

Made of a solid Swarovski rhinestoned band with a dangling “princess” rhinestone detail, which drapes sensuously over the thigh. Inspired by the Art-Deco era, this dainty garter was named for the fairy tale princess, Sleeping Beauty, due to its uber-feminine and princess-like romance. So dramatic! Price: $120.00

The Brooke Garter

Created from ivory fold-over chiffon with a dramatic center shell brooch. Freshwater pearl, rhinestone and crystal detailing create a dazzling little garter that is sure to catch his eye. Price: $250.00

The Everglade Garter

Rare, vintage floral embroidered ivory satin ribbon composes this unique garter. At its center, a single, dangling teardrop rhinestone pendant creates a dramatic focal point. This garter is perfect for a bride whose wedding is full of vintage inspiration, with a hint of sparkle. It reads fifty percent glam, fifty percent vintage, so I imagine that the bride who selects this garter will somehow have a love of both, in equal measures. Price: $250.00

The Fatima Garter

Loving the center feathered flower on this couture garter!  Lovely texture paired with pretty rhinestone detailing.  Captivating and unique.Price: $125.00

The Goldie Garter

Light ivory layers of tulle comprise this enticing garter. In its center, a white and gold “Monolo” brooch blossoms, with dainty rhinestone edging. Modern and glamourous, this piece belongs to a bride who is very stylish and loves the purity of the color white. Clean, chic, light, flirty and modern. Named for the iconic Goldie Hawn. Price: $310.00

The Gracie Garter

A beautiful balance of soft, demure, layered ivory tulle and captivating rhinestones.  The tulle is speckled with sparkling Swarovski crystals and gathered at the center with a sparkling rhinestone brooch. Price: $135.00

The Stella Garter

Truly unique, The Stella is crafted from fine black elastic ribbon banding, which blossoms into a textured grey and black feathered brooch.  At the center of the feathered flower lies a ‘Regal’ rhinestone encrusted brooch. Breathtaking- for the bride who’s just a bit on the daring side. Price: $215.00

The Holly Lock Diamond Garter

Delicate ivory floral embroidered tulle netting with a white double-faced satin ribbon underlay makes this garter the picture of purity. At the center of the garter, the bride has that little “something blue” covered by the baby blue double-faced satin ribbon. Centered on the bow, a princess cut diamond set in white gold is beautifully presented.  Approximately .60 in weight, with a clarity of SI2/I1 and color of K/L, this pretty gem is valued at $1000.00. Carefully and conscientiously applied in a way that makes it removable, the bride can remove her gem to wear in a more visible manner, should it strike her fancy. This garter belongs to the bride who is looking for a “something blue” piece that is utterly unprecedented and beautifully realized. Price: $1200.00

The Joan Pillow Garter Set

Pretty, floral set that’s perfect for the most romantic of brides!  With gorgeous floral embroidery, sequined ivory lace and an ivory double-faced satin ribbon underlay. A matching ivory satin toss garter is included. At the center of both garters, matching rhinestone embellishments glimmer. Named for the elegant Joan Pillow of Joan Pillow Bridal Salon. Price: $450.00

 The Labyrinth Garter

Bright, cheerful and traditional, simultaneously, the magic of this garter is difficult to capture in a photo!  Perhaps its elusiveness comes from the way the sparkling rhinestone embellishments refract the light, or the luxurious luster of gleaming ivory pearl ribbon and clear, beaded ivory ribbon, beautifully embroidered, catch the eye.  At the heart of this garter, an ivory, double-faced satin ribbon bow presides. A single rhinestone embellishment sparkles at the center of the ribbon. Price: $275.00

The Lori Garter

A vintage-inspired pattern of alternating rhinestones and lustrous pearls comprises this band. The back half of the garter is made of a soft ivory elastic, to ensure a smooth fit. Modern, glamorous, yet embodying a certain nostalgia, this garter is for the bride who adores glitz and glam, but with a hint of wistfulness. Price: $73.00

The Lost Garden Garter

Pretty chantilly lace, with a white-double faced satin ribbon underlay, comprises the body of this whimsical piece. Tenderly placed in the midst of the lace, a vintage “gold leaf” brooch with clusters of tiny pearls and intricate rhinestone detailing nestles.  At one time, the golden brooch was a part of a clip-on earring, over seventy years old. For a bride looking for something sensual in addition to “something old”, this band will do the trick!  The Lost Garden Garter would be a perfect complement for a wedding full of vintage inspiration and rustic, gold metallics. Price: $270.00

The Lunar Lavender Garter

Designed for the bride who feels a strong connection with the moon, or who simply loves lavender hues, this piece is pretty, with just the right amount of embellishment.  This body of the garter is made of a ivory layered tulle, and boasts an elegant brooch from the 1950s at its center. Unique, feminine and a super-stylish touch to any bridal trousseau. Price: $320.00

The Marilyn Garter

Glamorous, simple and sparkling. Think old Hollywood- simple, but infinitely elegant.  Glistening rhinestones comprise the front half of the band, and the back half of the garter is made of a soft white elastic to ensure the perfect fit. Price: $70.00

The Meredith Garter

Gorgeous keepsake garter made of fine, floral embroidered tulle netting.  Black double-faced satin ribbon creates a contrasting underlay. At the center of the garter, a double-faced satin ribbon bow in champagne and sparkling rhinestone embellishment create interest. The toss garter in this set is made out of gorgeous black satin ribbon. A matching rhinestone embellishment is nestled at the center of the toss. This garter would go well with a wedding whose color palette incorporates black and has a distinctly classic feel. Highly elegant. Price: $130.00

The Naomi-Kerrie Garter

The body of this garter is made of fine French alencon lace with champagne double-faced satin ribbon beneath, giving it a decidedly vintage feel. Lovely sea foam green detail is applied at the center of the band with a double-faced swiss satin bow.  Delicate rhinestone detailing completes the look.  To order this garter, or a similar bespoke piece, be sure to contact La Gartier via email:  HYPERLINK “mailto:atinfo@lagartier.com” atinfo@lagartier.com. Price: $350.00

The Savannah Wedding Garter Set

Simply lovely color palette!  Made of honey-colored beaded ivory lace, with an ivory satin underlay, a delicate champagne satin bow graces the center. A sparkling rhinestone gleams from the center of the bow. For the bride inspired by all things vintage, or whose wedding is done in champagne hues.  An unprecedented heirloom piece. Price: $475.00

The Vera Garter

Another beautifully realized pleated satin garter- in black! Black velvet ribbon wraps around the entire band and at the center of the garter, a simply elegant touch: a tiny pearl and rhinestone detail. Inspired by Vera Wang’s 2012 “Witchcraft” collection, he’s sure to fall under your spell when this enticing detail slides into place on your wedding day. Price: $270.00

The Vienna Garter

Solid and sparkling, this regal rhinestone band is the epitome of luxe. The intricate detail is classic and romantic- an airy, intimate touch to your bridal ensemble.  The back half of this garter is made of a light, soft white elastic to keep it from slipping. Price: $210.00