{Decadent Details} The Art of Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Simply divine. Sugary sweet. Delicious. Elegant. Over the top. Opulent. Classic. Couture. Exquisite. Luxurious. One of a kind. A piece of art. All things that come to mind when we let our thoughts drift away to decadent daydreams of fabulous, glorious tiers and tiers of gorgeous wedding cake oblivion.

And while these dreamy thoughts of sweet confections dance through our heads, let’s take a look at some of the very best, the creme de la creme of the the cake game ….

Sylvia Weinstock, Ana Paz, and Miche Bacherare among the industry’s leading ladies making the luxury Bride’s wedding day dreams come true, in the form of gorgeous, show-stopping, breathtaking, indulgently delicious wedding cakes (and they’ve got the celebrity clientele to prove it)!

{Sylvia Weinstock; Sylvia Weinstock Cakes, LTD}

{Ana Paz; Ana Paz Cakes}

{Miche Bacher; Sacred Sweets}

What does you DREAM wedding cake look like? We want to hear from you!