Cultural Wedding Enhancements at One & Only's Ocean Club, Paradise Island, Bahamas

The Bahamas is rich with culture and history, and couples celebrating their big day at the One & Only’s Ocean Club are always thrilled to include some of the islands’ most colorful traditions in their wedding celebration or honeymoon.

The party comes alive whenever One & Only wedding guests are surprised with a “Junkanoo Rush.”  Junkanoo is a vibrant street parade with intoxicating music, drumbeats, and costumes.  It began in the 17th century as a celebration of freedom and has been historically performed  in many towns across The Bahamas, Jamaica, and The Turks and Caicos Islands every Boxing Day (December 26) and New Year’s Day.

More recently it has been considered a staple of Bahamian Celebration, occurring at many festivals, special events, holiday celebrations…. And of course, WEDDINGS!

The vibrantly costumed and talented Junkanoo performers are often incorporated into the wedding experience as a treat from the bride and groom to surprise their guests.  After an elegant and beautiful affair at our Augustinian Cloisters or Versailles Gardens, the Junkanoo Rush will burst into rhythms and dance and lead the wedding guests to the cocktail reception location.  Or, just as the last bite of wedding cake is eaten and the final glass is raised to end dinner with a toast, the Junkanoo Rush will appear and raise people from their seats and encourage party-goers to join them on the dance floor or escort them to a surprise after-party location.

We also often encourage our couples to include a Junkanoo Rush in their welcome party or beach bash.  The Junkanoo, along with fire-eaters and steel drum calypsos, is a perfect way to welcome your guests to the islands and prepare them for a weekend in paradise that they won’t soon forget. Join us at the One & Only’s Ocean Club for your own cultural wedding experience!