20 Things You Don't Know About Mark Ingram

He’s the man every woman loves- Mark Ingram, of Mark Ingram Atelier! The man has taste, poise, polish…. and racks upon racks of the most exquisite (and couture!) gowns a girl could dream of! However, there’s a thing or two you may not know about Mark, and so we caught up with him recently to find out just what it is that makes him the incredible person we all ‘know’ and love!

1. I absolutely love old, classic Hollywood and British films from the 30’s and 40’s.

2. Home decorating and gardening are two of my greatest passions!

3. Weddings, brides and wedding dresses have been my obsession since I was a young boy.

4. I own an apartment in Miami Beach with stunning views of Biscayne Bay.

5. Family history and genealogy intrigue me.

6. I cherish an evening at home, cooking and entertaining friends and loved ones.

7. I live in Harlem in a 19th century townhouse with a backyard!

8. Nothing is so nice as a crisp, tailored white shirt.

9. I love owning a business that makes so many people happy and so many dreams come true.

10. Full-skirted 50’s couture ballgowns with petticoats are among my favorite styles!

11. I adore Jo Malone fragrances- especially citrus/fruit and herbal combinations.

12. I’m enamored with Italy….every inch of it!

13. Low Country southern cooking, especially shrimp & grits, bread pudding with whiskey sauce, and anything involving okra are my favorite foods!

14. Stately London townhouses with impeccable front gardens and window boxes captivate me.

15. I have a penchant for chic, boutique hotels- especially in Europe.

16. Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge and Hattie McDaniel movie memorabilia is my weakness.

17. Christmas morning with immediate family and New Years Day with a full house are my favorite ways to spend the holidays!

18. Classic navy blazers are always chic.

19. Charleston, my mother’s hometown, is one of my great loves.

20. I love to reminisce about my beautiful childhood, with my parents and sister, as a young boy from The Bronx. For more about Mark, be sure to visit markingramatelier.com!