20 Things You Didn't Know About Amy Zaroff

1.My father and grandfather always taught me: “All you have is your name. Use it    wisely.”

2. I love old school rap and rock out in my car, at the office and at parties I plan when no one is watching.

3. My favorite color is orange. It makes me happy.

4. Food and wine are a big part of what I do professionally, and are also the two things that I enjoy most with family and friends when I   am not working.

5. I am a hugger.

6. I believe that proper planning prevents poor performance.

7. My husband and I owned a NY-Style delicatessen in Minneapolis for almost eight years prior to this career.

8. Before opening the deli, I worked as a television producer and assisted in the creation of programming that aired on HGTV in its early days.

9. I have two boys that I adore. They are my biggest fans and my harshest critics. They don’t love when I do the aforementioned old school rap dance.

10. I have a dog named Roxy.

11. I try to get to the gym by 6:00 am so I can get the kids off to school and be at work early to start my day.

12. Number 11 sounds like I am motivated to work out. I am not. Ask me how many days a week I actually make that happen!

13. I hate to shop but I like to look good.

14. When I want to go incognito, I have my hair straightened. No one knows it’s me.

15. I can’t go more than 30 minutes without checking my phone. It’s a sickness.

16. I love to rap. For real.

17. I am obsessed with the details. In everything. Thankfully that works in my line of work.

18. My favorite get-a-way is the wine country. Spa in the morning, food and wine all day, a massage in the late afternoon and more food and wine at night. Bliss.

19. I get by with a little help from my friends.

20. The events industry has allowed me to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and individual in more ways than I could have ever imagined. I am truly grateful.