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Everybody Loves Celebrity Wedding Planner, Mindy Weiss

By Sade Awe, Editor-in-Chief People often say that the best parts of their jobs are the people. I totally relate to this frame of mind, because working in the luxury bridal industry, I get to work with some of the most brilliant and creative individuals on the face of the planet! One of these sparkling personalities is Mindy Weiss, and knowing her is one of the greatest pleasures I have of doing what I love. A little known fact …
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20 Things You Didn't Know About Harriette Rose Katz

We just couldn’t wait to share with you 20 Things You Didn’t Know About Wedding Planner extraordinaire, Harriette Rose Katz of New York’s Gourmet Advisory: I never travel without my umbrella. In New York City, the rain could come at any given moment and I couldn’t bear the thought of it touching my hair! A surprising fact about me is that I ‘m a big softy, which most people don’t believe because of my tough exterior. One of my favorite ways to …
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Welcome to the October Issue of The Bridal Circle Buzz!

Dear friends, It’s finally here: the golden beauty of Autumn!  Time to turn back those clocks and settle in for a magical holiday season, and it all begins now.  I am absolutely thrilled to feel a slight chill in the air after the scorching heat of summer in Texas!  So curl up with a warm cup of chai or some seasonal apple cider, and enjoy the dazzling array of inspired articles in this month’s refreshing Bridal Circle Buzz! Navigate the …
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