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7 Tips for Maintaining Balance & Sanity as a Working Bride

You’re a professional woman.  Your plate is already full with your career accelerating, your personal life teeming and non-stop day-to-day activities.  Add wedding planning to the mix? That’s when life can go from satisfyingly ‘full’ to ‘uber-chaotic’… Balance.  It’s an essential element for personal effectiveness and an irreplaceable skill to learn- now- while you are planning your wedding! Mastering a healthy balance in your life before things get busier (yes, it’s possible!) and you add your husband’s schedule and eventually …
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8 Wedding Apps We Can’t Plan Without

We’ve all seen the heart-warming scene on the silver screen where the blushing bride sits down at the dining room table with her doting mother and maid of honor to write out guest lists and seating charts and itineraries — scratch that idea!  No longer does an inundated bride have to drag a teeming wedding binder around whenever she needs to get down to some serious wedding planning business.  As social media and informative apps become a greater and greater …
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The Call of Duty: Becoming Your Bridesmaid-Best

What girl doesn’t become ecstatic about being asked to be in her bestie’s wedding?  After all, the next best thing to planning your own nuptials is helping your BFF pin down all the dainty little details of her own.  Parties, planning, shopping and some pampering- being a bridesmaid can seem like a dream come true. However, there’s a flip side to all of the excitement.  If you’ve never been a bridesmaid before, and you don’t know much about about the …
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