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EFD Creatives’ Beautifully Branded Brides: Taking Weddings to Another Level

Led by the beautiful and creative Edna Dratch-Parker, EFD Creative is a luxurious event planning and design house committed to taking newly engaged couples’ dreams and transforming them into events that exceed every expectation.  From minute details (that make all the difference!) to large-scale surprise elements and sweeping, elegant designs, EFD Creative recognizes that every aspect of an event matters.  With a strong sense of artistry and keen reputation for professionalism, Edna …
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Exquisite Events Create Elegant, Extravagant Experiences

Mother and daughter team, Nikki and Madiha Khan, are truly a dynamic duo.  Based in Los Angeles, their event coordinating company, Exquisite Events, has partnered with brides, families and large corporations to create events that are highly polished, pretty and perfectly unforgettable.  Specializing in weddings, gorgeously bespoke galas, intimate dinner parties and sophisticated soirées of all sorts, Nikki and Madiha have worked with such corporate clients as the Pacific Asia Museum and Paramount Studios to pull off some pretty incredible …
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Destinations & Beyond: Leslie Mastin Events Takes Your Party Personally

A true artist within the realm of luxury events, Leslie Mastin of Leslie Mastin Events does not just design an event- she lovingly crafts it, from the first tentative ideas to the full spectrum of excellent execution.  A vibrant presence within the bustling metropolitan social scene of Manhattan, Leslie Mastin brings a magnificent combination of creative smarts and time-honed expertise to every exquisite tabletop and polished party she produces.  Whether you enjoy the …
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