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What's the Difference Between a Place Card and an Escort Card?

As you plan your wedding stationery, you’ll probably need to consider whether you need place cards or escort sets, or, both. But, wait, what’s the difference? The terms all seem to be used interchangeably in today’s global world of weddings. Seating cards, place cards, placecards, escort cards, escort sets… ugh! Talk about confusing! Here’s our interpretation, giving a nod to tradition but embracing modern practicality. An escort card escorts guests to their table, while place cards seat …
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Ask the Experts: Weddings Involve Creativity. What Inspires You?

For our second installment of our new monthly blogging series “Ask the Experts”, we’re asking our talented team of Creative Partners to share what inspires them every day.  Here’s what they said… …
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Passion Meets Planning with Carousel from Dubai

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the lovely and talented wedding planning team at Carousel! Just five years ago, Leena Alsulaiman and Zainab Alsalih launched their event planning business in the bustling city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Although they had initially focused on producing corporate events, it wasn’t long before brides and grooms sought out the Carousel team’s passion, style and professionalism to plan their weddings. Just a couple months ago, …
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