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Celebrations has a new life in Camana Bay!

Thrilled to share with you our very own Creative Partner Celebrations new luxurious flagship boutique located in the heart of  the beautiful Camana Bay. During my visit in July they were just putting the last minute touches to the gorgeous boutique. Nestled between Ginger Lily and Café del Sol on The Paseo, Celebrations Camana Bay is a convenient location for brides and clients to select fresh flowers, …
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Choose Your Bridesmaids Carefully

Brides who choose their bridesmaids without enough thought beforehand can rue the day in the long run. Making sure to select bridal attendants who are truly excited to be involved in the wedding as well as who are actually supportive in real life makes all the difference. Avoid the drama by choosing wisely, rather than through rose-colored emotional glasses. Keep in mind, while you can always ask someone to be in your wedding, it is not an invitation …
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Stylish Wedding Food Concepts with Caterer Peter Callahan

Appetizers and hors d’oeuvres have undergone a little change in the last fifteen years. Can’t say I’m sorry, either as it’s been a time of creativity that has brought catering out from the shadows of party planning and into the light. No longer regarded as just a necessity, food service is now widely considered a crucial design element in the success of the whole event. As we all see every day on TV, people are passionate about food …
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