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Ask the Experts: Do You Know What Needs to be in Place Before Hiring Your Wedding Professionals?

This month in our Ask the Experts blog post series, we’re asking our talented Creative Partners “what wedding planning elements need to be in place before a bride and groom selects and hires their wedding professionals?” Take a look to see what they say… …
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Wedding Ceremony Readings and Poems

When planning your wedding ceremony, it’s easy to gloss over opportunities to insert impactful readings into the program in favor of emotionally charged music. Don’t get us wrong, you should incorporate lovely musical pieces throughout your service, absolutely! Yet, your choice of wedding ceremony readings will also contribute to the overall mood of the ceremony and should therefore be pondered over just as carefully. There are some truly delightful, romantic and powerful readings that can be included at …
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Working with Wedding Professionals in This Month's "Ask Mindy"

Question #1: What’s your strategy for choosing the BEST wedding vendors to work with?   MINDY:  Excellent question! The first thing I would say is learn all you can about the wedding professional’s experience. Sometimes the best way to gain that knowledge is to ask for references from other friends or family members. Who did they work with? Who did they love for their artistry and professionalism? Next, make sure you look at lots …
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