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Made to Measure: Jimmy Choo Makes Bespoke Footwear Footloose & Fancy Free

Long before Jimmy Choos graced a red carpet or posed prettily in the glossy, hot-off-the-press pages of today’s most chic magazines; before the brightest stars in the celebrity realm made Jimmy Choos a must-have, and long before Jimmy Choos dazzled fashionistas of all tastes and styles from the Globe’s hottest runways, Jimmy Choo originated as a made-to-measure atelier service in a London East End studio.  Discerning lovers of …
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Van Cleef & Arpels: Brightly Shining This Season with Enchanting Engagement Rings

It’s true that the holidays generally, in addition to being merry and bright, bring with them a barrage of romantic proposals and subsequent engagements… which, naturally, are sealed with a fine jeweled ring of magnificent quality.  Whether there’s a diamond on your all-important ring finger or not, we thought a little eye candy couldn’t hurt.  So, this holiday season we’re filling your inbox with all that sparkles- the unique, the exquisite, the sophisticated.  Every woman has her own style, and …
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Sade's Fascinations Cheerful Holiday Chic

1. Get a little shut-eye in style with Armand Diradourian’s Cashmere Travel Pillow and Mask.    2.  Fitness takes on a fashionable flair with this Tory Burch for Fitbit Metal-Hinged Bracelet. 3.  Toss this golden Globe Trotter travel spray case into your luggage for Christmas vacay.  A convenient and sleek design, you’ll want to refill with a variety of sensational scents …
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