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A Moment in Time…Cinemagraphs

Remember meeting your love for the first time? A sideways glance as you drove to the restaurant. . . The way he grazed your hand with his when handing you the menu. . . The dimple in his cheek and mischievous sparkle of his eye as you discussed all of the “first date” questions. . . Often, we fall in love with the smallest gestures.  All of those almost imperceptible moments add up.  Suddenly, we realize we’re truly smitten. New …
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Incorporating Incredible Music Into Your Wedding Ceremony

When you ask a bride and groom what moved them the most during their wedding, invariably, they refer to an emotional moment they shared during their ceremony. Quite possibly, that special moment may involve carefully chosen music such as the bride’s entrance, the couple’s recession or a hymn sung during the ceremony itself.  The wedding ceremony is a ritual that notes a major change in the couple’s journey together and as such, the ceremony should not be an …
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Calling All Bridal Couples ~ We're Going Global with Ritz-Carlton Weddings

We are thrilled to announce our global initiative has officially launched with the publication of this stunning ad in Weddings by The Ritz-Carlton Magazine. If you haven’t had the opportunity to peruse this international publication, let us assure you, it’s filled with sensational wedding inspiration as well as the world’s most elegant, upscale wedding professionals. But please, take a look yourself and share the inspiration you find with your wedding planning team. We hope to …
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