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An Insider's Guide to The Hamptons by Sofia Crokos

AN INSIDER’S GUIDE TO THE HAMPTONS by SOFIA CROKOS Long Island’s Hamptons region has long been the summer playground of the rich and famous. It consists of a string of always chic seaside communities where today’s most well-known celebrities and stylish socialites own summer homes. People often flock here hoping to see the stars in Southampton, East Hampton, Montauk and the other communities along the South Fork. I discovered the beauty of …
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Wedding Planning Expertise ~ Introducing Amy Zaroff Events + Design

Amy Zaroff is the Lead Planner and Event Producer behind the amazing wedding planning and event design firm, Amy Zaroff Events + Design in Minnesota. In Amy’s world, every single day is a reason unto itself for celebration of some kind with those you love around you. Which is exactly why her luxury lifestyle company focuses on creating events that are an extension of home – creating a sense of vibrancy, energy and comfort. We …
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Celebrating Love in a Different Way by Tasneem AlSultan

By Tasneem AlSultan Being a wedding photographer in a mostly Arab and Muslim dominated society, the first thing most of my non-Arab friends ask: “Your weddings are segregated? How does THAT work?”  Would you believe I still don’t have a perfect answer?  Can’t I just say: “Imagine a party of girls only, with no alcohol, but the same drama and fun” ? But I there is so much more to share… …
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