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A Cut Above ~ Laser Cut Invitations You Will LOVE!

The obsession with laser cut paper continues, and may in fact, be even more adored today than it was a few years ago when it first exploded onto the wedding scene. There’s just something magical about the delicate technique and fine art aspect of the application. Traditionally, laser cutters have been used for more industrial purposes, but now that the world’s best stationery designers are employing this medium in their wedding invitations, menus, place cards, and ceremony programs, the fascination just gets more …
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Luxury Wedding Stationery by RedBliss

Christine Traulich and Dori McDonald founded RedBliss Invitation Design with the sole focus of designing creative, custom invitations that simply awe recipients, personify their clients and ultimately, make bold statements. They are known as invitation architects for seeking out alternative design techniques and their unique use of materials. The create invitations with materials such as luxury fabrics, polished metals, vintage mirrors, foil stamping, laser cutting, and embossing. Celebrating over 10 years of innovative invitation design, Christine and Dori understand the importance …
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Inviting Notes with Emilie Dulles Designs

“Exquisite stationery is part art, part science,” says Emilie Dulles, Owner of Dulles Designs Exquisite Stationery in Charleston, South Carolina. Perhaps one of the most thoughtful, graceful and well-articulated wedding professionals we’ve ever met, Emilie is the epitome of Southern Charm. The kind drawn from generations of elegant ladies who not only know their way around a social event, they delight in the role of hostess and neighbor. Even if the neighborhood they live in is a global one.
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