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Tara Guérard’s Lettered Olive: Couture Stationery with a Southern Twist & Undeniable Charm

An arbiter of wedding day style and lush event landscapes, Tara Guérard brings a hint of magic to every little thing she touches.  Her textured compositions are meticulous, her lighting exquisite- and her brides?  Well, they’re thrilled with the energy and beauty with which she crowns each new project. An extension of her chic event design atelier, Soirée, Tara Guérard’s Lettered Olive offers bespoke invitation designs and plentiful paper possibilities for brides …
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Wedding Who’s Who: Guesterly Saves the Day

In all the hustle and bustle before your big day, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a moment to sit down with all the friends and family that you adore and introduce them to one another?  Imagine what a grand time you would have if all of his friends actually knew all of yours.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if great aunt Margaret could see precisely where you met each of your bridesmaids, and where his family is from?  Skip …
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The Enduring Art of Calligraphy

THE ENDURING ART OF CALLIGRAPHY Even with the advent of digital typography and typefaces, printed lettering, varying fonts, and digital calligraphy, there is something about the beauty of hand-drawn calligraphy that goes beyond simply communicating a precise date and time.  Calligraphy bears a sense of the extra-ordinary.  A sense of regality.  A sense that someone has a message so beautiful to convey, that the typical range of fonts simply will not do!  And for that matter, the message is …
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