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Wedding Planner Diann Valentine Shares Her Top Wedding Tips on ABC's 20/20

We loved seeing the always fabulous Diann Valentine, Celebrity Wedding Planner and TBC Creative Partner, featured recently on the award-winning ABC News show 20/20. Diann was featured on 20/20’s special “Wedding Confidential: Matrimonial Mishaps” as their wedding expert and she offered a whole list of sensational wedding planning tips every bride should know. Just in case you missed Diann’s interview and the eye popping wedding day mishaps shown on the show, check out “Wedding Confidential” …
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Successful Reception Timelines in This Month's Ask Mindy

Question: What’s the secret to a successful wedding reception time-line? Is it better to have dancing between courses or dine first and dance later? Mindy Weiss: In the last two years, for some reason, I have had couples who want to finish their entire meal and then dance. I find it quite difficult to get the energy going after the guests have been sitting for two hours eating so here are my favorite two scenarios… Option A:  Dancing Before and After …
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Meet Legendary Wedding Planner, Harriette Rose Katz of Gourmet Advisory Services

For over 30 years, Harriette Rose Katz, joined by her daughter Melissa Rosenbloom and her niece Claudia Warner, and their team of expert planners at Gourmet Advisory Services in New York have built and maintained their reputation as one of the country’s premier event planning companies.  They create exquisite weddings that seamlessly bring together detail, creativity, personality and elegance. But what’s incredibly impressive about the Gourmet Advisory, is just that, their deep knowledge and appreciation for social entertaining …
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