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Engaged :: WOW :: My Own Daughter! | By Cindy Novotny

Engaged – By Cindy Novotny, Master Connection Association As a consultant that works with hotels, venues, bridal consultants, wedding planners and all those who are engaged in the business of weddings know that I am the first person to talk about the ‘value’ of the product, service and experience you offer. This month’s newsletter takes my quote –”Weddings are Business” to a whole new level.  The business of weddings has hit the Novotny home with my daughter Jessica getting …
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Instagram Love for Sofia Crokos

Happy Friday! We’re sharing our top picks from Instagram this week  with #regrams from Sofia Crokos Events. We love following her Instagram feed, which is always full of exquisite, floral, food and wine ideas.   …
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Luxury is Not a Trend – It is a Way of Life! by Cindy Novotny

Striving to deliver the best at every moment. That’s living LUXURY. By Cindy Novotny, Master Connection Association Trends are beginning to blur – hotels, restaurants, retail and even event venues tend to fly on the heels of the latest, greatest, best idea.  But when it comes to LUXURY it’s about classic experiences.  In luxury, leadership must ensure their employees and their branding are unique and their leadership style must reflect the same. It is all about communication.  Recently, …
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