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Incorporating Incredible Music Into Your Wedding Ceremony

When you ask a bride and groom what moved them the most during their wedding, invariably, they refer to an emotional moment they shared during their ceremony. Quite possibly, that special moment may involve carefully chosen music such as the bride’s entrance, the couple’s recession or a hymn sung during the ceremony itself.  The wedding ceremony is a ritual that notes a major change in the couple’s journey together and as such, the ceremony should not be an …
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Weaving Together a Fabulous Wedding with Music by Valerie Romanoff of Starlight Music New York

A wedding event is a journey for the bride and groom as well as their guests. When determining the music for an event, we start at one point, go through a variety of segments (arrivals, ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing etc.) and end up in a much different “place” than when we started.  Each of these segments can have a completely different tone and energy. By giving thought to what we want to accomplish, we can …
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London's Hautest Spots for Hen Night

Americans and Canadians call it the Bachelorette Party, the Brits, Irish and Australians call it the Hen Night. Whatever you want to name it, the bride’s big soiree before her wedding day  is notorious for lots of laughs, fun, and making memories! So grab your gal pals, because we’re taking a closer look at London’s hautest hot spots for glam girl time before the big “I DO!” { TEA PARTY } Tea, …
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