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Ron Ben-Israel's Jewel of a Wedding Cake

When we asked celebrity wedding cake designer and TV personality Ron Ben-Israel of Food Network’s Sweet Genius WHICH of his fabulous cakes was the most glamorous, he immediately thought of the cake he designed for the wedding featured in every girl’s favorite Chick Flick, Sex and the City 2. Chances are, if you’re a woman you’ve not only seen the movie you’ve memorized every part of the wedding setting! (like us, of course). The …
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Q&A with Ana Parzych Custom Cakes

Since opening her cake studio in 2006, sugar artist Ana Parzych has become known as one of the top wedding cake designers in the United States and abroad. Ana Parzych Custom Cakes is a couture New York and Connecticut wedding cake and specialty cake design studio that specializes in creating one-of-a-kind lavish cakes for high-end weddings. Each creation is designed to reflect the client’s vision and personal style, while perfectly complementing the event. Ana and her staff work very …
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Ron Ben-Israel Gets Crystallized with $14,000 Worth of Swarovski Jewels

RON BEN-ISRAEL, host of Sweet Genius and the mastermind behind Ron Ben-Israel Cakes in New York City, recently shared the story behind this fabulous wedding cake design with us. As an artist whose favorite medium is confection, Ron is regularly commissioned to design cakes as art installations for media events, product launches and  the like. In some of these installations the whole cake might not be edible as it’s used in partnership to display another item.
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