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Bridesmaids Guide to Wedding Dress Shopping with the Bride

Your best friend asked you be a bridesmaid and you jump with excitement. Now, she wants you to go dress shopping with her. You’re about to enter uncharted territory where you have to be both a cheerleader and life coach for your bestie, while she finds the perfect wedding dress. To make this arduous process a little easier, we’ve compiled a mini guide on how you can help the bride while wedding shopping. Before the Bridal Salon Appointment Helper her …
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How to Negotiate a Prenup

You’re happily engaged and busy planning the wedding of your dreams. In the process of wedding planning, you and your partner have discuss finances and the concept of a prenuptial agreement. Both of you want to know more about prenups, and how you can take action to protect yourself and your finances in case things don’t work out. Whether you’re on the requesting or receiving end of a prenup, here’s a guide to everything you need to know about prenuptial …
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Charming Wedding Car Ideas

When booking your wedding day transportation think about what kind of statement you want to make. Select a ride that matches your wedding day style and makes an impressive entrance. Are you having a classic black-tie wedding? You could rent a Rolls-Royce for your big day. Whatever type of wedding you’re having, there are plenty of unique ways that your can arrived in style at your wedding. Here are a few of our favorite wedding transportation ideas. Setting Sail: …
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