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Head Over Heels for Fendi Jeweled Leather Cage Sandal

Looking for the prefect bridal shoe? No need to look any further; we’ve got it right here for you with these glamorous Fendi jeweled leather caged  leather sandals in white.
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Beguiling Bridal: Berta Collection 2015

In 2014, Berta, the Israeli icon designer, took bridal by storm.  With picture-perfect silhouettes, dazzling design elements and sumptuous silks at her command, Berta has pinned, stitched and appliquéd her way towards the most astonishing Berta Collection yet.  The new 2015 Collection is truly remarkable, with gowns unlike those of any other currently-celebrated designer.  Berta’s most recent look has captivated both the minds and imaginations of the global bridal market. The …
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