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Big Entertainment On the Level of Luxe: Rock With U’s Edgy Fusion of Passion & Sonorous Sophistication

In the arena of luxe entertainment, South Florida has lucked out as the home of Rock With U’s innovative sound and high quality vibe.  Fresh and insightful, owner and founder Ross Bielejeski has come up with an incredible mixture of live band and DJ-ed entertainment called Fusion, which will keep your guests moving and create memories that are lasting.  After over a decade in the industry, and with Rock With …
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Wedding Who’s Who: Guesterly Saves the Day

In all the hustle and bustle before your big day, wouldn’t it be lovely if you had a moment to sit down with all the friends and family that you adore and introduce them to one another?  Imagine what a grand time you would have if all of his friends actually knew all of yours.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if great aunt Margaret could see precisely where you met each of your bridesmaids, and where his family is from?  Skip …
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