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For the Love of Laduree

By Sade Awe, Editor-in-Chief It was during a visit to Paris, the City of Love, in 1998 that my romance with Ladurée began.  Once I set foot inside the iconic Parisian pastry shop, I was swept off my feet by the dainty delights set before me and the sweetly scented aroma of elegant little macarons and cakes filling the air.  Since that day, my love has grown deeper and fonder- Ladurée is absolutely one of my …
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Everybody Loves Celebrity Wedding Planner, Mindy Weiss

By Sade Awe, Editor-in-Chief People often say that the best parts of their jobs are the people. I totally relate to this frame of mind, because working in the luxury bridal industry, I get to work with some of the most brilliant and creative individuals on the face of the planet! One of these sparkling personalities is Mindy Weiss, and knowing her is one of the greatest pleasures I have of doing what I love. A little known fact …
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Head Over Heels Tuesday For Christian Louboutin

  Christian Louboutin’s ‘Highness Glitter’ pumps are strikingly daring! We love the pink peek toe contrast against the glitter pump.  Match these up with a show-stopping gown.     …
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