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A Website Revamp for Michelle Rago Destinations

BY MELISSA PAUL In today’s world of over-saturation, a business succeeds if it produces a consistent brand aesthetic across multiple platforms by incorporating culture, presentation and interaction. In other words, know who you are. Then keep it simple and keep it relevant. The always clever Michelle Rago of Michelle Rago Destinations figured this out months ago and endeavored to revamp her entire online presence, beginning with her website. “The whole idea behind the new website was to …
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We're Ready for Spring Cake

We usher in Spring with lovely wedding cakes by Maggie Austin Cake. Proud to offer brides a fresh interpretation of cake design, Maggie Austin draws on her background as a classical ballet dancer to create confections which display symmetry, elegance, detail, and sophistication {and just a wee bit of whimsy}. With the subtle yet unmistakable mark of haute couture and fine art, Maggie Austin Cake is the cake designer for those who want something different.
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Head Over Heels for Christian Louboutin's Dufoura Booties

Although its color scheme is neutral, there is nothing boring about the Christian Louboutin Dufoura “bootie”… sexy, sassy and sensational. ¬†We couldn’t help but fall head over heels for them…   …
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