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An Interview with Wedding DJ Jason Fioto of Generation Events

Staying true to the DJ art form, Jason Fioto has always let his music speak for him. For more than 10 years, his music has spoken volumes while he’s manned the turntables at some of the hottest nightspots–from Marquee and 1Oak in NYC to TAO in Las Vegas. With an uncanny ability to read the crowd and mix diverse genres into one night of music, Jason’s energized style has translated seamlessly from the clubs to weddings and to social events.  …
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Let's Talk About Love, Shall We? Welcome to the February Issue of The Bridal Circle Buzz

LOVE…Let’s Talk About Love. Welcome to the beautiful month of February, one of my favorite months of the year. As you all know, it’s the month dedicated to romance and love. Of course, as the starry-eyed romantic that I am, I believe EVERY month of the year should be dedicated to romance and love. It certainly is here at The Bridal Circle! February is also my birthday month, as well as …
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Spotlight on Todd Fiscus of Todd Events

If anyone knows how to party, it’s Todd Fiscus, Owner and Creative Director of Todd Events in Dallas, Texas. But don’t let that “Big D” address fool you into thinking he’s just creating fabulous one-of-a-kind events in the heart of Texas. According to Todd’s website… “Have Wedding, Will Travel.”  No matter where in the world the celebration will …
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