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Beyond The Beach by Jo-Anne Brown of Celebrations

Welcome to my series Beyond the Beach, a collection of my musings on destination wedding venues. Here in the Cayman Islands, where our picturesque white sand beaches are world famous, there are many stretches of gorgeous oceanfront beach where a lucky bride can take her vows. I also want to share with you a host of venues that bring an unexpected twist to a destination wedding and which, like our beaches, will take your breath away.
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Passion Meets Planning with Carousel from Dubai

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to the lovely and talented wedding planning team at Carousel! Just five years ago, Leena Alsulaiman and Zainab Alsalih launched their event planning business in the bustling city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Although they had initially focused on producing corporate events, it wasn’t long before brides and grooms sought out the Carousel team’s passion, style and professionalism to plan their weddings. Just a couple months ago, …
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Breakfast Comfort Foods at Today's Modern Weddings with Caterer, Peter Callahan

As a special treat, my mother used to make breakfast for dinner for my sisters and me when we were kids. I absolutely loved it because the concept on its own was so unexpected – pancakes, French toast or scrambled eggs  for dinner? I like to keep this sense of surprise when I serve breakfast hors d’oeuvres, which, incidentally, aren’t always served at breakfast time. Like  my mother did with me and my sisters, I have brought that …
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