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Destination Luxury: Gorgeous Wedding & Honeymoon 5-Star Hot Spots Around the World

…. and fabulous, luxury hotels around the world just happens to be one of the many specialties of The Bridal Circle. Whether you are hopping on a jet plane for the destination wedding of your dreams, or your trotting the globe in search of the most luxuriously romantic, exclusive, 5-star hotels and resorts for your perfect honeymoon… we’ve got a gorgeous gathering of the top destinations the planet has to offer. Pack your bags, my beautiful brides …
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{Decadent Details} The Art of Beautiful Wedding Cakes

Simply divine. Sugary sweet. Delicious. Elegant. Over the top. Opulent. Classic. Couture. Exquisite. Luxurious. One of a kind. A piece of art. All things that come to mind when we let our thoughts drift away to decadent daydreams of fabulous, glorious tiers and tiers of gorgeous wedding cake oblivion. And while these dreamy thoughts of sweet confections dance through our heads, let’s take a look at some of the very best, the creme …
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{Valentine's Day Edition} :: The Look of Love

On this special day, we celebrate the love in our lives. The one that makes our heart beat faster. The one that makes every day more wonderful. The one you want to spend your entire life with. The Bridal Circle is kicking off this Valentine’s Day with a little heartfelt inspiration to set the tone for this beautiful occasion. Here’s to you, here’s to love.
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