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Wedding Planner Diann Valentine Shares Her Wisdom on Including Children in Your Wedding

Something every bride and groom simply can’t forget to include in their wedding plans are accommodations for the little tikes!  Many of my brides opt for destination weddings and most families will make your destination wedding a family vacation with the little ones in tow.  However, a continuously growing trend amongst brides is to indicate that children are not allowed despite my pleading for inclusion rather than exclusion.  Not every family is able to travel with a nanny to tend …
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Ask the Experts: "What is Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?"

We’re so lucky to have an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and imagination to turn to in our Creative Partners. Even when it comes to the holidays! For our December column, we asked: “What’s Your Favorite Holiday Tradition?”  As you would expect, the answers range from sentimental and traditional to humorous and playful. To us, they are filled with the joy of the season, and we thank our Creative Partners for participating: Aimee Monihan-Greening of Tropical Occasions, Mindy Weiss, Peter …
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We Ask the Experts "What's the One Thing Couples Overlook?"

Once again, when it comes to wedding planning advice, we’re happy to turn to our extensive team of talented Creative Partners. This month’s question asks: “What’s the ONE THING bridal couples tend to overlook that you urge them to consider?” Oh, now we did it! This question clearly inspired our wedding industry experts to share their thoughts, opinions and expertise. The colorful answers came in fast and furious from Ron Ben Israel, Michelle Rago, Peter Callahan, Roberta Karsch of Resource …
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