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Elegant and Sensual Wedding Lingerie from La Perla

When it comes to purchasing your bridal lingerie, it’s easy to focus on what you’ll wear under your wedding gown and completely forget what you’ll wear after the party ends. Yet, it’s one of the most romantic nights of your life and what you wear after the gown comes off should be as tempting as you’ve always imagined! In fact, the wedding night is where elegant, sheer and sexy lingerie is meant to be worn. Traditionally, like the …
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Sade's Fascinations for July are All About the Honeymoon!

Oh yeah, the summer is sizzling now! Thoughts of balmy days and sexy nights on the beach make me dream of honeymoons and destination weddings. Of course, every bride needs to do a little shopping for her honeymoon! Here are just a few of my favorite fascinations for July… Dress Imagine yourself out for a romantic walk on the beach at sunset with your new husband in this light and airy dress from Sandro. Flat Sandals …
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A Modern Trousseau

Historically, a bridal trousseau was stored in a hope chest and contained all of the items a bride needed for her big day and beyond—her bridal outfits, jewelry, makeup, lingerie—even bed sheets for her new home! In Victorian times, trousseaus included family heirlooms and handmade items crafted by the bride-to-be or her female relatives. The bridal trousseau also consisted of brand-new outfits that were carefully selected and stored in preparation for the wedding, honeymoon, and first few weeks as newlyweds.
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