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What Type of Bride Are You? The Classic Bride

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be delighted to introduce to you The Bridal Circle’s favorite luxury brides, from The Classic Bride, The Modern Bride, The Beach Bride, The Vintage Bride and The Luxe Bride. We’re here to show you our favorite selections, and to help you to define just what sort of bride YOU are! Up first, The Classic Bride brings a touch of simple elegance to all the details of her Wedding Day.  Her colors tend to be more …
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Objects of Desire: The Ultimate Engagement Bling by Neil Lane

Oh, the pretty pretty blingity bling bling of Neil Lane! Jeweler to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, we can’t help but oggle all the gorgeous, glittery goodness he creates! All of his jewelry pieces make our hearts flutter, but his elegant engagement rings take our breath away! Read More About Neil Lane Jewelry: As a curious child growing up in Brooklyn, Neil Lane had …
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Sade's Fascinations for July are All About the Honeymoon!

Oh yeah, the summer is sizzling now! Thoughts of balmy days and sexy nights on the beach make me dream of honeymoons and destination weddings. Of course, every bride needs to do a little shopping for her honeymoon! Here are just a few of my favorite fascinations for July… Dress Imagine yourself out for a romantic walk on the beach at sunset with your new husband in this light and airy dress from Sandro. Flat Sandals …
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