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Christian Louboutin Beaute: Iconic Red Louboutin Soles At Your Fingertips

The shoes with the sophisticated soles from world-renowned designer Christian Louboutin have a way of making any woman’s heart skip a beat.  Red soles are all it takes to get a lady excited about her footwear- but it would be remiss to assume that these are just any old pair of red-soled pumps.  They’re not just shoes- Christian Louboutin’s discerning styles have captivated women from all around the globe and flung them …
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OSCAR DE LA RENTA: One Vibrant Life Leaves a More Vibrant World

It’s never easy to say goodbye to someone- especially when that someone has a global platform- or runway!- and makes the world a more lovely place simply by being a creative force within it.  On Monday, 20th October 2014, this planet lost an incredibly talented and inspiring being in the passing of Oscar de la Renta.  What the world will do without the creative genius of de la Renta remains to be determined, but …
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