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Tasneem Alsultan: The Marriage of East & West and Adventuring in Berirut

Tasneem began her great global adventures at a very young age, having been born to Saudi parents in the United States, and then having been brought up between the States and England.  Although she doesn’t have a British accent, Tasneem still uses classic British jargon like “pram” and “curtains”, but with an American accent! Tasneem’s passion for photography was apparent as a child, but she only decided to take her infatuation seriously about three years ago.  At the time, Tasneem …
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The Enduring Art of Calligraphy

THE ENDURING ART OF CALLIGRAPHY Even with the advent of digital typography and typefaces, printed lettering, varying fonts, and digital calligraphy, there is something about the beauty of hand-drawn calligraphy that goes beyond simply communicating a precise date and time.  Calligraphy bears a sense of the extra-ordinary.  A sense of regality.  A sense that someone has a message so beautiful to convey, that the typical range of fonts simply will not do!  And for that matter, the message is …
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