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La Dolce Villa by Gail O'Neill

Monastero: A Place Where Those with Nothing to Hide, Can Hide By Gail O’Neill In 1985, fashion photographer Fabrizio Ferri was in search of an exotic location for photo shoots that wouldn’t take him too far from his home in Milan. So when a friend recommended a tiny gem of an Italian island just 100 km southwest of Sicily, Ferri’s curiosity was piqued and he boarded a flight for Pantelleria. Upon landing, Ferri was captivated …
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Summer Lovin'… Sunday Kind of Love

“Summer lovin’, had me a blast, summer lovin’, happened so fast, met a girl crazy for me. Met a boy cute as can be, summer days drifting away, to, uh oh, those summer nights…” It’s another Sunday Kind of Love thanks to these playful and romantic engagement photos from Creative Partner Jeremie Barlow.         …
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Instagram Love For Geller Events

It’s Friday and we are thrilled to share these beautiful snaps taken by Debbie Geller of Geller Events  We were swooning over her Instagram images and immediately fell in love with the behind-the-scene glimpses from this vintage wedding at the Pelican Hill.
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