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These I Can Promise… on This Sunday Kind of Love

“I cannot promise you a life of sunshine; I cannot promise riches, wealth, or gold; I cannot promise you an easy pathway that leads away from change or growing old. But I can promise all my heart’s devotion; a smile to chase away your tears of sorrow; a love that’s ever true and ever growing; and a hand to hold in yours through each tomorrow.” ~ Author Unknown {Lovely engagement session photographs from …
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Elie Saab World

Our Love for Instagram has taken over!  {Completely.} Let’s face it, Instagram is part of our everyday lives. Through fast snaps on-the-go, Instagram has made it easy to share our personal lives as they unfold, as well as behind-the-scene glimpses into our favorite brands and personalities. We love seeing how others are experiencing their days, what they find inspiring and how they do what they do. In fact, we’re so inspired by what we see on Instagram that we …
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Happy Independence Day to Our American Friends!

By Melissa Paul, Features Editor When you add sparklers to a dessert it instantly becomes so much more celebratory! Such a simple thing, but I’m a big fan of SIMPLE. Why over-complicate the menu when classic food always puts guests at ease? Then, add a little flash and shimmer, and you have a winning whimsical dessert. Like Peter Callahan’s Mini Baked Alaskas. What’s more American than that? Happy Fourth of July! P.S. You can find the recipe for these …
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