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Objects of Desire: The Ultimate Engagement Bling by Neil Lane

Oh, the pretty pretty blingity bling bling of Neil Lane! Jeweler to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, we can’t help but oggle all the gorgeous, glittery goodness he creates! All of his jewelry pieces make our hearts flutter, but his elegant engagement rings take our breath away! Read More About Neil Lane Jewelry: As a curious child growing up in Brooklyn, Neil Lane had …
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We're Filled with Gratitude on This Day of Thanksgiving

For all of us at The Bridal Circle, Thanksgiving is a holiday devoted to affirming our gratitude for the way things are, for the people in our lives and for the love we share with those around us. We’re blessed in more ways than we can count and we’re tremendously grateful. For those of you who live in the United States and are celebrating the holiday, we wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving! XO Sade Awe, Founder of The …
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Peter Callahan's Favorite Thanksgiving Cocktail? Cranberry-Tinis

Cranberries are generally harvested from September through November, just in time for holiday weddings and family celebrations. My absolute favorite kind of cranberry juice is fresh-pressed, not the store-bought concentrated versions. Trust me, once you have fresh-pressed cranberry juice you just can’t go back to concentrate. It’s like going from fresh squeezed orange juice to Sunny Delight. Here’s my recipe for a Cranberry-tini. It’s stylish and delicious. Enjoy!  Peter Callahan of Peter Callahan Catering in New York City INGREDIENTS Grated zest …
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