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New York Bridal Week

It’s official!  Bridal Week kicks off today, and we are in the fabulous city of New York.  As Alicia Keys and Jay Z sing, …”In New York concrete jungle where dreams are made of there’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York these streets will make you feel brand new big lights will inspire you…” Let the runway shows begin!  Our blog post, our newsletter, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, …
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Choose Your Bridesmaids Carefully

Brides who choose their bridesmaids without enough thought beforehand can rue the day in the long run. Making sure to select bridal attendants who are truly excited to be involved in the wedding as well as who are actually supportive in real life makes all the difference. Avoid the drama by choosing wisely, rather than through rose-colored emotional glasses. Keep in mind, while you can always ask someone to be in your wedding, it is not an invitation …
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Wedding Stationery Suites with Vanessa Kreckel of Two Paperdolls

First, a little background about Vanessa Kreckel. She’s the visionary and brains behind Two Paperdolls, an award-winning stationery design firm in suburban Philadelphia. Inspired by textiles, nature, architecture and all things vintage, she is passionate about the art of storytelling for clients’ weddings and social events. Vanessa started Two Paperdolls as a hobby over 12 years ago, creating unique custom invitations for friends and family until she took a giant leap of faith to start a …
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