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Claire Pettibone (Part 2) ~ Luxury Lingerie

In Part Two of our PerfectlySTYLED interview with fashion designer, Claire Pettibone, we discover her other love. Luxury Lingerie. TBC: You recently introduced a gorgeous sexy lingerie collection. What was the inspiration behind it?  CLAIRE: I started my career in lingerie, and so after 18 years, I wanted to create truly “heirloom” pieces. Something so precious and hand crafted, which I feel is practically a lost art. Particularly in luxury lingerie. We use the world’s finest laces, …
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Illustrative Moments by Debi Griffin

We fell in love with the wonderful artistry of fashion illustrator, Debi Griffin of Illustrative Moments. Using photographs from the wedding, Debi creates one-of-a-kind keepsake sketches of the wedding gown, the bride in her gown, the bride with her mother, etcetera. Talk about a sensational bridal shower or wedding gift! We asked Debi Griffin to describe what she does and her approach to her craft to better understand how she creates these …
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Luxury Linen Tips from Roberta Karsch of Resource One

Our design process at Resource One is pretty much the same, whether working directly with a bride or through a wedding planner or event designer.  We must first have a clear understanding of the venue, time of year, and personal style of the the couple.  This will help us guide the bride in the right direction. All fabric compositions, styles, and weights will each have the most appropriate time and place for best utilization.  For example, a …
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