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Back from Dubai!

Greetings everyone…I am back from Dubai! As you may have noticed, the blog has not been updated over the last 2 weeks due to my trip.  I truly had a fabulous time while in Dubai…I went on a safari desert tour, took a Hata mountain tour, visited Oman, experienced the Autodrome, attempted to visit and dine at every celebrity restaurant in Dubai, shopped till I dropped (of course), and most importantly…I met with some amazing vendors. One of the hi-lights of my trip to Dubai was my experience at the …
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The Movers & Shakers of Dubai {Part 2}

Happy Monday All, What an amazing week and weekend it has been in Dubai. Sunday was the start of the week in Middle East, and the weather was unusually cold for Dubai, so I had to pull out scarfs, and wraps to stay warm 🙂 Today we met with our amazing new Creative Partners the Burj Al Arab, and all I can say is the service, the staff, and everything else …
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{Signature Style} The Movers & Shakers of Dubai's Wedding Industry {Part 1}

My bags are packed … excitement is bubbling over … I can barely contain myself… Why, you ask? Because today I am headed to the fabulous, fascinating and gorgeous city of Dubai for the second time around. This cultural hub in the United Emirates thrives with glamour, excitement and style, perfect for the sophisticated, luxury, international bride & groom.  It is a must visit for anyone who loves beautiful architecture, culture, fashion, design and …
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