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  • Tropical Occasions (@Tropical_Os):

    "Just got back from Costa Rica and came home to that LOVELY package, what is next? so excited to be involved - HUGS!!!"

    Peter Callahan (@peter_callahan):

    "Excited to be a part of the "circle" RT @TheBridalCircle: @peter_callahan Thank you! I'm very flatter. You are super sweet! :)"
  • Michelle Rago ‏(@MichelleLRago):

    "@TheBridalCircle loved our chat this morning and so excited to join such a powerhouse group of people!"

    Maggie Austin Cake (@maggieaustincke):

    "@TheBridalCircle So excited to join!"
  • Tropical Occasions (@Tropical_Os):

    "just saying... Sade Awe from @TheBridalCircle is truly amazing, for those who did not know- now you do!"

    Mindy Weiss (@MindyWeiss):

    "I agree! me too! just amazed! rt @lehrandblack Received most beautiful package today from @TheBridalCircle thank you.every part perfection!"
  • Lara Casey and Emily Ley of Making Brands Happen:

    “Sade Awe is a passionate leader. Her warmth and drive will help vendors and brides make the perfect match – a match that creates fireworks! The Bridal Circle is a remarkable source!”

    Heidi Bressler, Weddings By The Ritz-Carlton

    “We are so excited to partner with The Bridal Circle in our next issue of Weddings By The Ritz-Carlton! The Bridal Circle has such a fabulous reputation in Dallas and we are thrilled to expose her name to all of our readers worldwide!”
  • Sean Low of The Business of Being Creative

    "I am excited to be part of The Bridal Circle community. Sade Awe has created a movement that connects leading people with amazing thoughts and creative ideas to brides world-wide"

    Sandi Spells Design

    "I really love the concept of The Bridal Circle....long time over due. Sade Awe is a visionary with great ideas. I can't wait for her to take my business to the next level with The Bridal Circle."
  • Valerie Romanoff of Starlight Orchestras

    "Dear Sade, Thank you for welcoming me to the Bridal Circle. I am thrilled to be part of this truly remarkable community. I know that the work we do together will change the status quo in the luxury bridal market".

    Heather Arak-Kanofsky

    "The Bridal Circle is a great concept which presents a whole new world of possibilities for our industry!"
  • Betsy Myers

    "The Bridal Circle is a wonderful, new resource and valuable tool to help plan, to inspire and showcase only the very best wedding ideas and vendors. It will help you navigate through all of the many details in planning the perfect wedding no …

    Betsy Myers

    "What a fun, creative and unique site that assists in providing comprehensive vendor recommendations who are truly leaders in their industry. The Bridal Circle will only enhance your wedding planning experience. It is a great way to simplify …
  • Katy Carrier – Carrier & Associates

    "The Bridal Circle is an exciting new community providing inspiration and qualified referrals for discerning brides, while helping wedding industry members both connect with their target clients and avail themselves of the many additional …

    Ana Wilson of Kerzner

    "WE ARE IN!!!!! I've been waiting for something like this to come along and I'm very excited for you and everyone involved in this amazing new venture. I have a few questions, but am looking forward to jumping on board."
  • Jill Meister of Meister Innovative Consulting

    "€œI look forward to seeing all the wonderful things Sade and The Bridal Circle have in store for the wedding industry!"

    Ellen Black (@lehrandblack):

    "Received most beautiful package today from @TheBridalCircle thank you.every part perfection!"