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Regard continues to grow for the preservation of those treasures, old and new, which comprise our cultural heritage. Averting and overcoming the attacks of time and environment has become an exacting art and a science of constantly advancing precision. It demands not only knowledge, skill and sensitivity, but materials produced with meticulous care, to rigorous standards.

The entire team at J.Scheer & Co. is dedicated to the complex art of conservation cleaning and preservation of fine textiles. Our clients benefit from our vast experience in working with museum professionals and from our on-going training in conservation science, both of which continue to inform us as we apply the most intellectually rigorous standards to work entrusted to our care.

We accept full responsibility for every object in our care. Whether we are restoring and preserving a family heirloom, an historic museum textile or one of our brides’ gowns, we endeavor to earn the trust of every client and to provide a unique service that safely preserves