Fred Marcus

New York


For almost several decades, Fred Marcus Photography has been dedicated to capturing the most memorable family occasions. Fred Marcus, the founder of the business, escaped from Nazi Germany and his home in Bresiau in 1939. His immigration to the United States took him by way of Havana, Cuba while waiting for US paperwork, a process that would eventually take over two years. He had been an amateur photographer in Germany, and continued his craft during his time in Cuba by photographing the children of fellow immigrants on the beach, developing the images in a homemade darkroom, and selling what could be afforded the next day. Fred’s photos were well loved by the immigrant community in Havana, and a small business was formed.

In 1941, he and many others finally received paperwork to move to the United States, settling in New York City. Those who moved with him remembered his cherished photographs from the Havana beaches, and continued to invite him to photograph birthday, wedding, and anniversary celebrations in the city. Fred and Gerda Marcus, his wife and studio partner built a reputation throughout New York and beyond, and their fine work and consistent approach to uncompromising quality and customer service have made Fred Marcus Photography one of the foremost wedding photography studios. Today 71 years after the original studio opening, Fred and Gerda’s son, Andrew, and grandson, Brian, continue the tradition. The studio’s approach to photography, combining both tradtional portraiture and modern photojournalism, continues to make Fred Marcus Photography a highly sought-after name.